The sprout that emerges from its seed marks the beginning of a lifecycle. It requires just the right amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients from the soil in order to thrive. Like a sponge, the tiny sprout soaks up everything there is to offer and soon grows into a mature plant capable of producing its own seeds.

Raising a little one is just like caring for the delicate sprout to grow. The love we give, the food we feed, the things we teach, the culture we instill… all devotes to what our little one will become. Raising a child is a long and everchanging experience, and certainly, there is no user’s manual for parenting.

Spirited Sprout is created by a mom (that’s me!) where I  share tips and mommy experiences so that you can become the parent you want to be. 

Hi, I’m Holly!

I’m a mom to an adorable baby boy and wife to the most amazing husband.  After the birth of baby Chunbao, more on his story here, my life started to revolve around him because of an extended stay at the NICU. I spent tons of hours learning and researching anything related to his well-being from infant physical therapy to how to produce more milk. Even to this day, I continue to research the never-ending realm of baby care and parenting.

I wish I discovered blogging earlier because through Spirited Sprout I get to share with you my stories and what I’ve learned. I hope you find my website helpful.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out!